8. CULTURE: La vinaigrette

In each chapter, you will learn how to make a French recipe. By the end of the semester, you will be able to cook a whole French meal to enjoy with classmates, family and friends.

Watch the video ( forgive me for the video shooting… I am starting out!) and do the activity sheet included. Bonne cuisine et bonne culture.

Handout: activité sur la vinaigrette; activité vinaigrette pdf


9. VOIX FRANCOPHONES: Qui sommes-nous?

Listen to the following four native speakers. Look at the handout and fill in the missing information. Remember; you are not supposed to understand every  word.

Comment vous appelez-vous?

Hint: Take a peak at the handout before listening for the second time. It will help you keep focused on what is asked.

hand-out:  activité Comment vous appelez-vous?; comment vous appelez-vous pdf

Many thanks to  all the native speakers who were kind enough to accept being interviewed and provide truly authentic francophone voices to students. Merci!

10. Activité de synthèse

See if you have mastered our Chapter préliminaire material by trying your hands at these activities.

Activité de Synthèse



Who is our Chapter préliminaire musician? Did you figure it out?

Check out Erik Satie .  You can listen or purchase more of his amazing music at i-tunes; search Satie. Bonnes découvertes.

1. L’article défini et les boissons

Tell how you feel regarding various drinks using the definite article with verbs of preference.

Expressing preferences

2. Comment allez-vous?

Learn to express how you really feel.

PS: Et notre musicien pour ce chapitre?

comment allez-vous?

1. Les vêtements.

Learn basic articles of clothing. Be able to describe what you wear.

Les vêtements

Qui est notre nouveau musicien français célèbre?

3. Aller

Learn the idiomatic use of the verb aller.

PS: à propos, quel est notre musicien ce chapitre?